Under One Sky Village Foundation has emerged from the former nonprofit, Under One Sky, which has served more than 500 youth in foster care since 1996.

Under One Sky respects the capacity of the youth in our program to act as authors of their own lives. We are dedicated to providing youth in foster care with the resources they need to make a safe and successful passage to adulthood through adoption, other forms of permanency, and preparation for independent living. We realize that the transition from childhood to adulthood is a process that takes careful preparation for each youth.

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Check out our Under One Sky blog at www.under1sky.wordpress.com. Read stories, poetry, thoughts, and program updates from the youth and staff of Under One Sky!

Empowering youth who have been in foster care is at the heart of the mission of Under One Sky Village Foundation. A nonprofit organization, the foundation links youth to a nurturing community of mentors and peers, supporting them in developing to their fullest potential. For information, contact Diane Delafield, Director by email at diane@under1sky.org or by phone at 828-645-1046.

Under One Sky Village Foundation is a non-profit organization offering the following year-round, asset-based programs and services for youth in foster care in North Carolina between the ages of 11 and 17:

Whether their goal is adoption or another form of permanency, all youth in our program have a voice in planning their futures by:

  • Creating their own goals for permanency and adulthood, directing their own recruitment materials, and choosing programming that is most valuable
  • Developing a sense of purpose, self-worth, and confidence within a supportive community of other youth in foster care and mentoring adults
  • Learning life skills including budgeting, communication, life mapping, conflict resolution, interviewing, education and career planning, and problem solving
  • Engaging in leadership opportunities, community service, and projects that allow them to give back to others
  • Exploring their identities through multicultural learning experiences, mentoring, talking circles, and discussions that engage them in defining their own values, beliefs, and spirituality